Vendor: Grace Tapley
Location: Modesto, CA

Grace & Gerald Tapley with daughter Hanna
Photo:Gary Mandelstam

Grace Tapley and her family sell their oranges, plums, and pomegranates, as well as their juice, at the Palo Alto market. The business was started by Ray Weber in 1970, who started selling at the Palo Alto Farmers’s Market in 1996. When Weber left the farm, he helped the Tapleys, who had been working for him, to take up the farm and its business.

Tapley grows oranges and other fruit on her farm in Lindsey, an hour and a half drive from the Market. They are able to sell oranges year-round, with navel oranges available March to December, Cara oranges – a cross between pink grapefruit and navel orange - December to March, Valencia oranges April to December. Santa Rosa plums are available in June. Grace also grows and sells pomegranates, and makes and sells their incredibly potent juice.

What keeps customers coming back to Tapley’s stand? Grace says that it’s the “unique juices” and the fact that their “fruits are always fresh.” Grace enjoys the Market in turn because it’s “small -- never boring” and she appreciates the continuity of the Market, the fact that many farmers have been coming to PAFM since the Market started. Grace also likes that many of the farmers’ children come with their parents, and all have a great time, with big kids taking care of little ones. She remembers fondly the year that 3 growers in the same corner of the market had babies at the same time – one is a Tapley.